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September Field Day
Hugh ZS6HMB and I missed the last meeting (or two or more if truth be told....) so this might have been discussed, but I'm wondering if Karts participates as a club as ZS6KTS? If so we're keen to get involved, although Hugh works an 8-day (4 on, 4 off) cycle and hasn't counted that far ahead yet to see if he's available.

Anything on the cards as a club, or do members usually go it alone? (Now that I've broken my HF duck I'm keen to do something on the day.)
Hi, Very good idea Jim. I think last year Stephen was the the only one to have participated in a open field in Kempton Park. This caused much interest with even the police asking what he was doing if I recall right. Jim I think we must bring it up at the meeting on Saturday.
73 de Martin
I remember Stephen's post in the old forum; was the field day earlier this year methinks.

I hadn't realised we were at the 2nd Saturday of yet another month, so I must remember to come to the meeting. Hugh starts an 8-day cycle tomorrow which means he's working Friday and Saturday night, so he'll be sleeping on Saturday afternoon.

Yep, let's set something up if we can, at least get the ball rolling.
Hi Jim,
Checked the web for Rietvlei looks great. Looking forward to to Sept 10th and 11th when the Sarl field day competition is on. I cannot find a a e-mail address but will phone on Monday. I will get prices for campsites and chalets and we can start making a list of all who would like to attend.

Fine business.... I suggested to Stephen SKY that he ask webmaster to start a new forum section for "contests and field days" or similar wording and start a thread there.
oops!! thanks Jim

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