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Thursday group: non karts ham guests allowed?
My colleague OM Leon ZR6LU is the guy who introduced me to ham radio a year ago: he may be out our way on Thursday so wondering if he can pop in for coffee?
(24-05-2016, 02:47 PM)zs6ems Wrote: WHY NOT

Why not, indeed.

Will see what his movements are: said he needs to be in Alberton some time this week so will see if can co-ord for Thursday
This meeting is for everyone and not only for Hams. Anyone with an interest in electronics is welcome.
My daughter is 2nd year BSc Eng mechatronics at UCT so I'll try drag her along when she's back for vac next month!

She has no interest in radio per se, but she did Intro to Astronomy this year as an optional course and she loved it, so I'm trying to persuade her to be a ham for satellite and space station comms. And of course in second year its all about digital electronics and signal processing so she'll understand all this radio voodoo.

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