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KARTS Project 21
This is a test posting about project 21
After searching my computer I finally have found the project 21 document as obtained from website of K2TQN

.pdf   Fuse-Tester-diagram.pdf (Size: 38.41 KB / Downloads: 230)

Trust you can work it out by following the instructions.

A colleague told me an air-force story about a guy who was told to test a box of fuses. Instead of checking continuity, he loaded each until they popped and faithfully recorded the current at which each failed.

The Project 21 circuit needs an ammeter too Wink
Just to be stirrer and a rebel. Jim the transformer of the Fuse tester will also pop as its primary is for 120vac.
It is like the time I went into buy programmable Pic and the guy behind the counter said to me you known
this has to be programed. You wont believe he got bringing back to say it did not work in the kit they build. Duh
what does a PIC stand for. Same guys will go and buy specially 120/12V transformer. They will swear blind that transformer
was faulty not the diagram. They will say Des says it has to be so who is to doubt him. I would be first in line to do the same hi hi hi
in morse code .... .. .... .. .... .. .... . Now why did they sent HI for laughter in morse code???
Glad to see some posted comments. Just proves that people do read forum postings.

I have decided to post the website address that was used for the original detail about this "Fuse Tester". I did find it amusing so please go through the circuit carefully. I was caught and thought it could be shared among fellow HAMS. Note the USA do use 120Vac so nothing wrong with the transformer.

The article was obtained from an American Ham Radio magazine "QST" in the section "Vintage Radio" of a 2015 issue.

Text in the article reads as follows:-

I built one of these years ago and took it into the telco office where I was working. I put it on the table in the break room with a bunch of spare fuses. The only thing marked on the box was "Fuse Tester - If lamp lights fuse is good".

A couple of the telco guys told me it was no good because it blows the fuse every time they pushed the button.  

So I said, who told you to push the button?  :-)  

It was on April first after all. (Everything in a telco office is fused, we were always changing fuses there.)

And I was also told it is impracticable to test fuses after they were blown. I just said, OK.


You will also find some other interesting articles on this website so please visit.

By the way please check the date of the first post on this topic on this forum.

73, ZS6DEZ
PIC stand for Peripheral Interface Controller.
Hi Dez.

Thanks for link to the website mentioned in your article. 

Still going through it and enjoying it. Nice stories and old pics of radio's.

The video clip is also very interesting.

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