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Treasure Hunt
The hunt is on  Cool

Can you find the hidden item?


Please sign the log book, (Name, Call Sign & Date)  and Take a photo of yourself with the treasure, if possible, leave a item behind in the treasure chest, for the next adventurer, PS, the first club member to find the treasure, may remove the badge.

but hurry, this treasurer is discoverable by any member of the public, please use Stealth mode when, discovering the item.

Please also return it to exactly the same position you found it  Big Grin 

Thanks for playing and GOOD LUCK
[Image: ZS6SKY.JPG.opt130x251o0%2C0s130x251.JPG]
20 views already, where could it be, who is getting close?

Use our call sign to open the zip....

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.zip   Treasure (Size: 316 KB / Downloads: 37)
[Image: ZS6SKY.JPG.opt130x251o0%2C0s130x251.JPG]

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