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Club Activity: CQ World Wide WPX Contest
Hi Members

Please join me at the club house this Saturday afternoon at 2pm to setup and join in the fun, beware, this is a worldwide contest, so competition will be fierce.
Band conditions are poor at present, so contacts will be challenging, and thats all part of the fun.
So if you've never worked DX before, or if you just starting out, come and join us, see what all the "Fuss" is about.
And if your'e an avert DXer, come show us how its done  Smile

CQ WPX Contest Dates
SSB: March 30 - 31, 2019

0000 UTC Saturday -- 2359 UTC Sunday

For more info, follow this link: CQ WPX Contest

[Image: ZS6SKY.JPG.opt130x251o0%2C0s130x251.JPG]
Hi Members 

Tami and myself are partaking in this contest, this is a live update:

Band conditions are poor on 20 meters, better on 15 meters

This is our club station

[Image: Club.jpg.opt690x388o0%2C0s690x388.jpg]

Tami called a strong station in Cyprus around 100 times

Trying to work Brazil now

[Image: 20190330_154648_resized.jpg.opt690x388o0...90x388.jpg]

Well, at the end of the 4.5 hr session, we only make 6 contacts as ZS6KTS, and Tami made another two with his own Callsign.
towards the later part of the afternoon 20 meters started to open up and 15 meters faded a bit.

Worked Brazil on long path, haven't done that in quite a while, it was kinda strange, the Beam was facing North North East, and the station was in Brazil.

Well they say perseverance pays off, we were able to make contacts in the following countries:

Mario on Reunion Island
A contest station in Morocco, Tami also had a contact with his own call sign.
Cyprus, alas, we were hearing this station clearly, Tami must have replied with our Call 100 times !!! alas, we did not make contact.
ZX5J Brazil, after trying plenty times  Shy
Martin in Thailand, this one was a nice one for me  Big Grin

Thank you Tami for joining on the contest...
[Image: ZS6SKY.JPG.opt130x251o0%2C0s130x251.JPG]

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