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B.A.C.A.R. 2018
Hi folks

The BACAR Team has started work on B.A.C.A.R. 2018

BACAR ?  Balloon Carrying Amateur Radio.......

Goals for this year
Working PICAXE & Sensors
Camera & Video

If you want to find out more, please come visit us at our next project meeting - Wednesday 23 May at 6 pm at the club House....

Latest Update:
At our May Club Meeting, Stephen Showed Nico the PICAXE 6 Editor software and explained the working of the PIAXE Code.
We looked at the programming for the BMP280 sensor, on Saturday evening, Stephen added some code supplied by Nico to the PIC, but there was no output, Stephen then loaded some other snippets of code supplied for last years cube, in order to get the BMP280 to feed its data stream back to the PIC, we have got some output, but cannot interpret it.
By Sunday evening, Nico and Stephen were working on Altitude vs Atmospheric pressure readings and what pressure to expect at 30 kms above sea level, we need to know these readings in order to spec the correct sensor to replace the BMP280 sensor that won't work for this mission.
We found a sensor available at RS Components for around R290-00, we want to see if we can get it cheaper somewhere else and if we can buy just one off.
So this pressure sensor can measure to -40 Degrees and to +125 degrees, the 125 is not a problem, as we already know the minus temperature goes to minus 50 at 30 kms, so this sensor may or may not be Ok at the negative temperature.

So I am still busy correcting a on/off programming issue with our cube, I'll have that corrected by next week.

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