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Tim's Goodies for Sale
Hi members

Tim ZS6IM has the following items for sale:

1 x Mega

[Image: Megger.jpg.opt484x363o0%2C0s484x363.jpg]

Valve Tx / Rx Project, featured in Radio ZS - Tim's creations
[Image: 20180419_194838_resized.jpg.opt479x359o0...79x359.jpg]

Use for whatever

Analog Volt meter and Analog Amp meter

[Image: 20180419_194943_resized.jpg.opt477x357o0...77x357.jpg] 

Box of Transformers & Some other transformers used in old day radio's

[Image: 20180419_195104_resized.jpg.opt268x357o0...68x357.jpg][Image: 20180419_204455_resized.jpg.opt465x620o0...65x620.jpg]

Wavemeter W1252

[Image: Wave%20meter.PNG.opt423x319o0%2C0s423x319.PNG]
LCR740 Bridge

[Image: LCR740%20Bridge.PNG.opt426x317o0%2C0s426x317.PNG]

A classic impedance bridge. Measures resistance, inductance and capacitance. Reactances are measured at 1 kHz when using the internal oscillator, or up to 40 kHz with an external sine wave source. Quite impressive specs for the day:
  • Resistance: 1 mOhm to 11 MOhm.

  • Capacitance: 1 pF to 11 mF.

  • Inductance: 100 nH to 1100 H.
Basic accuracy ±(0.5 % + 0.1 % f.s.) at the lowest ranges. Also measures dissipation factor and quality factor.
The user adjusts the internal bridge such that the two branch impedance's are balanced. This is indicated with a null meter.
User manual

Geloso VFO

Cryistal Desktop microphone, ex Sakkie + assorted varible caps and headphones

Sub Modulator G59703 condition unknown

Homemade Signal Generator - Works 

Working 400 Watt Linear Amplifier

Halicrafters S40 Coms Receiver - Working, c/w Power Supply and Transmitter
[Image: 20180419_203951_resized.jpg.opt690x517o0...90x517.jpg]  [Image: 20180419_203958_resized.jpg.opt690x517o0...90x517.jpg]
[Image: 20180419_204316_resized.jpg.opt690x517o0...90x517.jpg]
AM Transmitter - Requires work

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