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a Personal invitation to our KARTS flea market event

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.pdf   Members Flea Market Invite 2017.pdf (Size: 232.46 KB / Downloads: 237)
Hi Folks

A big Thank You to all our fellow hams that attended our Flea Market [Image: icon_smile_big.gif]

Here are some photo's
[Image: 20170805_104709.jpg]

Mike ZS6AI
[Image: 20170805_094039.jpg]

Connel ZS6CNP in the HAMNET trailer, did a fine job at advertising our flea market on our repeater, he also did some public announcements for us.

[Image: 20170805_094055.jpg]

Dieter, from Barnstormers

[Image: 20170805_101240.jpg]

Our Kitchen staff, dished up some nice goodies for brunch [Image: icon_smile.gif][Image: icon_smile.gif]

[Image: 20170805_101515.jpg]

ZS6BEARE kept a watchful eye

Andries, our DJ and Beare, our Club Mascott [Image: icon_smile_big.gif]

[Image: 20170805_104102.jpg]

See you again Next year

A Proud member of the Kempton Amateur Radio Technical Society


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