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DX Band Spotting / Open Band Conditions
For those interested in DX contacts, another WSPR beacon has been on the air for two weeks. 

The beacon is set for TX on 20M band and it has a TX power of 0.5W.

It is the beacon of ZS6CNP (Connel) which is based on the use of a QRP-Lab Arduino WSPR Shield. 

Unlike other WSPR units, this shield requires an Arduino UNO processor unit plus the writing of the necessarily code to make it functional. 

Good fun was had with this project. 

Gained knowledge included some of the practical / hardware aspects of Amateur Radio. RAE classes do lack discussions on practical / hardware aspects and, if included, could provide some interesting information for newbies.   

To view the reported spots, do visit  Select ZS6CNP callsign as part of the search of the database.

For those interested, more detail is available on my blog website. 

Spots from USA, Australia and Europe have been reported so band conditions are not as bad as what is currently being said.


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