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radios for sale - zs6ems - 29-05-2016

2 of Kenwood tk 80 hf                                     R2950-00  each

1 of ham shack pro radio receiver (scanner)      R1800-00

3 of kenwood tk 7302 vhf                                R1400-00    each

1 of kirisun                                                     R1400-00

1 of kenwood tk 805 uhf                                  R1200-00

1 of kenwood tk 805d uhf                                R1200-00

1 of kenwood tk 785                                       R1600-00

1 of motorola radius gm300                             R 500-00

1 of motorola max track 50                              R 500-00

2 of Rexon hand held mid band                        R 750-00 each

RE: radios for sale - zs6jmb - 04-06-2016

Hannes I'd be keen to look at one of those TK80s: I'd need to see it working on the ham hf bands though. If you're able to get to Karts for next Thursday's meeting (9 June) could we hook one up to the club mast and give it a trial?

73 Jim.