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Its-not-real-ham-radio-by-chris-g7ddn - ZS6DEZ - 10-03-2018

An interesting article regarding Amateur Radio.

Following text is copied from the article.

"And we will have to start facing up to questions similar to these…
  • What exactly defines a Radio Amateur?

  • What do we mean by “Amateur RF”?

  • Is it RF generated by someone who is an Amateur?

  • Or is it RF generated on a particular band allocated to us by the government?

  • If so, does it absolutely HAVE to be that?

  • Can it be nothing else?

  • Does any of this really matter?

What about our bands?
As Hams we are very “attached” to our bands. Whether it be 160m or 2m, we almost have a psychological sense of “ownership” of them. We have “favourite” bands, we have bands we never frequent."

I pose the following question based on contents of this article. 

Why spend a lot of money on expensive rigs ?

Please do read the article. Found on the link below.