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FOR SALE - zs6ems - 11-04-2016

Alinco dx-701 hf radio for sale R2900-00

Rexon midband Handheld 2 of @ R750-00 each

Radio Shack Comms receiver @ R450-00

ubiquiti tranceiver and dish 2 of @ R2500 each

RE: FOR SALE - zs6jmb - 02-05-2016

I suppose it's time I went onto HF, so maybe I should think about the Alinco if it's still available. But I read it's a commercial set, with channels that prevent continuous tuning.

Does that matter?



RE: FOR SALE - zs6ems - 02-05-2016

hi there jim

that radio had been sold sorry, however i have two Kenwood tk80 radios available. they are commercial radios to but can tune continuous if i am not mistaken. I know a few hams that use them successfully.

R2900-00 each