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03-07-2020, 02:43 PM
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  Club Newsletters
Posted by: zs6sky - 03-07-2020, 02:43 PM - Forum: KARTS General - No Replies

Morning members

Please find the club news letter attached for those without email addresses, if we do not have your email address and you'd prefer us to mail you, please send your email address to us via our whatsapp group or contact one of the committee members.

Attached Files
.pdf   KARTS Newsletter March 2019 (001).pdf (Size: 363.56 KB / Downloads: 8)
.pdf   KARTS Newsletter April 2019 (002).pdf (Size: 898.05 KB / Downloads: 8)
.pdf   KARTS Newsletter April 2019 (003).pdf (Size: 1.44 MB / Downloads: 10)
.pdf   KARTS Newsletter April 2019 (004).pdf (Size: 1.87 MB / Downloads: 9)
.pdf   Club Newsletter May 2019 (005).pdf (Size: 3.05 MB / Downloads: 10)
.pdf   KARTS Newsletter June 2019 (006).pdf (Size: 2 MB / Downloads: 11)
.pdf   KARTS Newsletter July 2019 (007).pdf (Size: 2.49 MB / Downloads: 8)
.pdf   KARTS Newsletter August 2019 (008).pdf (Size: 2.51 MB / Downloads: 5)
.pdf   KARTS Newsletter September 2019 (009).pdf (Size: 2.87 MB / Downloads: 9)
.pdf   KARTS Newsletter October 2019 (010).pdf (Size: 1.66 MB / Downloads: 6)
.pdf   KARTS Newsletter November 2019 (011).pdf (Size: 2.46 MB / Downloads: 9)
.pdf   KARTS Newsletter January 2020 (012).pdf (Size: 3.82 MB / Downloads: 11)
.pdf   KARTS Newsletter February 2020 (013).pdf (Size: 1.81 MB / Downloads: 10)
.pdf   KARTS Newsletter March 2020 (014).pdf (Size: 1.96 MB / Downloads: 8)
.pdf   KARTS Newsletter April 2020 (015).pdf (Size: 2.05 MB / Downloads: 14)
.pdf   KARTS Newsletter May 2020 (016).pdf (Size: 2.38 MB / Downloads: 16)
.pdf   KARTS Newsletter June 2020 (017).pdf (Size: 4.25 MB / Downloads: 22)
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  Treasure Hunt
Posted by: zs6sky - 28-06-2020, 10:48 PM - Forum: KARTS General - Replies (1)

The hunt is on  Cool

Can you find the hidden item?


Please sign the log book, (Name, Call Sign & Date)  and Take a photo of yourself with the treasure, if possible, leave a item behind in the treasure chest, for the next adventurer, PS, the first club member to find the treasure, may remove the badge.

but hurry, this treasurer is discoverable by any member of the public, please use Stealth mode when, discovering the item.

Please also return it to exactly the same position you found it  Big Grin 

Thanks for playing and GOOD LUCK

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Posted by: zs6sky - 22-01-2020, 04:54 PM - Forum: KARTS General - No Replies

Hi Members

Please take note of our Club AGM, which will be held on the 14th of March 2020 at our Club House.

Please see attachment for full details


Attached Files
.pdf   Notice of KARTS AGM 14 March 2020.pdf (Size: 83.34 KB / Downloads: 41)
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  October Club Meeting
Posted by: zs6sky - 07-10-2019, 09:07 PM - Forum: KARTS General - No Replies

Hi members

Dick ZS6BUN will be presenting his Vertical vs Horizontal Polarization presentation at this Saturday's club meeting.
Hoping to see all of you there  Smile

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  ERB Flea Market
Posted by: zs6sky - 07-10-2019, 09:05 PM - Forum: KARTS General - No Replies

Hi everyone

8 members attended the ERB flea market last week Saturday, it was nice to see Andrej, Blacky, John, Johan, Neil, Nico, Tami and of course me ?

Click on the pictures to make them bigger


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  Weekly News 2019
Posted by: zs6sky - 27-06-2019, 03:07 PM - Forum: KARTS Weekly News - No Replies

Hi members

Please find copies of our weekly news bulletin attached:

Attached Files
.docx   zs6kts 20190326.docx (Size: 71.79 KB / Downloads: 118)
.docx   zs6kts 20190402.docx (Size: 75.09 KB / Downloads: 115)
.docx   zs6kts 20190416.docx (Size: 71.56 KB / Downloads: 96)
.docx   zs6kts 20190423.docx (Size: 72.34 KB / Downloads: 93)
.docx   zs6kts 20190430.docx (Size: 70.88 KB / Downloads: 105)
.docx   zs6kts 20190507.docx (Size: 71.83 KB / Downloads: 94)
.docx   zs6kts 20190514.docx (Size: 73.01 KB / Downloads: 112)
.docx   zs6kts 20190604.docx (Size: 73.11 KB / Downloads: 96)
.docx   zs6kts 20190618.docx (Size: 33.86 KB / Downloads: 100)
.docx   zs6kts 20190625.docx (Size: 74.69 KB / Downloads: 117)
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Posted by: zs6sky - 01-04-2019, 09:45 PM - Forum: KARTS General - No Replies

Hi Members

This notice is only for SARL members, if you are not an SARL member, please ignore.

Club members that are also SARL members, please see attached communication regarding the SARL AGM attached, and a proxy form for you to fill in attached.

Please download a copy, print it, sign it and return to Nico ZS6QL or myself, details attached.

Attached Files
.docx   2019-AGM---Appointment-of-Proxy.DOCX (Size: 117.7 KB / Downloads: 98)
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Tongue Club Activity: CQ World Wide WPX Contest
Posted by: zs6sky - 27-03-2019, 04:44 PM - Forum: KARTS General - Replies (1)

Hi Members

Please join me at the club house this Saturday afternoon at 2pm to setup and join in the fun, beware, this is a worldwide contest, so competition will be fierce.
Band conditions are poor at present, so contacts will be challenging, and thats all part of the fun.
So if you've never worked DX before, or if you just starting out, come and join us, see what all the "Fuss" is about.
And if your'e an avert DXer, come show us how its done  Smile

CQ WPX Contest Dates
SSB: March 30 - 31, 2019

0000 UTC Saturday -- 2359 UTC Sunday

For more info, follow this link: CQ WPX Contest


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  B.A.C.A.R. 2018
Posted by: zs6sky - 15-05-2018, 08:48 PM - Forum: KARTS General - No Replies

Hi folks

The BACAR Team has started work on B.A.C.A.R. 2018

BACAR ?  Balloon Carrying Amateur Radio.......

Goals for this year
Working PICAXE & Sensors
Camera & Video

If you want to find out more, please come visit us at our next project meeting - Wednesday 23 May at 6 pm at the club House....

Latest Update:
At our May Club Meeting, Stephen Showed Nico the PICAXE 6 Editor software and explained the working of the PIAXE Code.
We looked at the programming for the BMP280 sensor, on Saturday evening, Stephen added some code supplied by Nico to the PIC, but there was no output, Stephen then loaded some other snippets of code supplied for last years cube, in order to get the BMP280 to feed its data stream back to the PIC, we have got some output, but cannot interpret it.
By Sunday evening, Nico and Stephen were working on Altitude vs Atmospheric pressure readings and what pressure to expect at 30 kms above sea level, we need to know these readings in order to spec the correct sensor to replace the BMP280 sensor that won't work for this mission.
We found a sensor available at RS Components for around R290-00, we want to see if we can get it cheaper somewhere else and if we can buy just one off.
So this pressure sensor can measure to -40 Degrees and to +125 degrees, the 125 is not a problem, as we already know the minus temperature goes to minus 50 at 30 kms, so this sensor may or may not be Ok at the negative temperature.

So I am still busy correcting a on/off programming issue with our cube, I'll have that corrected by next week.

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  Hard to find Valve's and things
Posted by: zs6sky - 09-05-2018, 07:51 PM - Forum: KARTS Swop Shop - No Replies

Tim has the following valve's for Sale:

807 - VT266

807 VT100A x 2

807 Pentode 60 %, 807 Pentode x 2 , 807 Pentode 55 % 

813 / VT144   x 5


RCA 830B 

837 Pentode 

8643 + Base   x 2

4-400 + base

4  250 A / 5D22 Electron tube 

4-65A / CV1905   x 2 

5B/258M   CV2347   x 4

5U4G / CV575  Rectifier 

1625 Pentode  x 2

2E24  Mini 6146  x 3

CV395 x 2

EL37  x 3


VR150-30 Voltage Regulator 

VT80  Rectifier  350 volt

6L6  Pentode

6L6G x 2 

QQVO6-40A  x 2

QQVO3-20A  / CV2799  x 4

QQVO6/40    x 2


Raytheon RK866A

RCA 8121  x 4


Torvac 6K8G 

 6V6  x 2

Troniix 6Y6G 

Teonex Valv 


Unknown Rectifier simular to 523 VT14B

 VT145 Rectifier + base


 6146 B / S2001A with base   X 3

YL1060   x 2

5394 and Base

 Please contact Stephen on 082 568 4019 - Sold as is

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