Full Version: ZS3 Sprint
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Hello members

Some feedback on the ZS3 Sprint, this afternoon.

We took part as the club station ZS6KTS.
8 club members attended, Mike ZS6AI manned the radio, making 16 contacts in the 1 hour contest.
Stephen manned the pc, logging the contacts for Mike.
Johan ZS6NJJ took some photo's and video clips and uploaded the live streams to our facebook page, for those not yet on Face Book, visit this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1670931846511449/
John and Mary attended as well as Martin, Barry and OM Dries ZS6NX.
While we were contesting, members discussed various things in the background and outside in the warm afternoon sunshine, Mary treated some members to some tea Wink
All in all we had a very nice time.
I have submitted our log already.