AGM Saturday 8 April 2017

Flea Market
KARTS Flea Market 5 August 2017

Kempton Park
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KARTS has two repeaters 70 cm and 2 m

438,925 Mhz CTCSS  88,5 Hz
145,6625 Mhz CTCSS  88,5 Hz

Echolink ZS6KTS-R / NODE 8041

Our Weekly News Bulletin is broadcast every Tuesday at 19:30 local time on the 70 cm  2 m and via Echolink.
There will be a copy available on the Forum.
We also have a Weekly Thursday Social Get Together at the Club House
For more Info Contact Martin ZS6BZM
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Welcome to Kempton Park Amateur Radio Technical Society
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Club House Directions
Some Ham friends meet on the Air on Tuesday form 20:00 onwards on 144,300 Mhz USB.

They also meet on Thursdays from 20:00 on 3,715 Mhz LSB.
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