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So what's new at KARTS ?
Latest Update 4 May
So, people do read the "Projects" page, sorry for the typo's.
27 april was kit construction day at KARTS, Barry, Dup, and Dave were assisted by Vivian in constructing their Frequency counter Kits. Check out the very lekker design of the "Front Panel"
Vivian can customise your Frequency Counter to show your Call sign when switched on, nifty hey ?
The inside doesn't look too difficult to construct
So now that you've seen how to construct it, get your orders in, chat to Nico.
The good news is that KARTS will be making up a second batch of kits very soon, so secure yours now.
Dries and Selwyn got their kits in the week, good luck guys...
Well, Vivian has finished his test version of the Soundcard / Rig Interface.
This project is a combination of the standard Sound Card Interface that we use to isolate the audio connections between our rigs and our computers, as well as to switch Tx & Rx via the pc's COM Port, and CAT Control, which is now built into one neat little circuit.
Below is a photo of Clive building his kit
The circuit on the left is the Level Converter IC that's used to control RIG functions from the computer.
Clive has completed his Rig interface, and is now up on the digital modes, Well done Clive

Additional Requests:
1) I'd like it if some sought of noise filtering could be added, most will use this circuit for working the Digital Modes, and it would be nice if one could switch in some sought of filtering.
Here is another circuit specifically for the Yaesu 857 / 897 Radio's
Follow this link to visit KM5Z's Homepage

Check out some of his other projects here:
Computer headset to Rig Interface

Here's another neat project
We are looking for new News Readers, so if you feel up to reading the news, you'll love this neat little interface.
Clive and Vivian have already built theirs and they are working well.
This is an example of the interface that lets you use a standard pc headset and a manual PTT button  to work hands free.
Follow this link to find out more, get in touch with Vivian if you want to build this handy kit.
Additional Requests:

1) Wouldn't it be nice if: I could use my USB headset with this Kit ?
    Come on guys & Gals, who knows of a way to connect a USB Headset to your Rig ?
    I'd build that kit...
    For the Beginner
    Order your Flip flop Kit for just R15-00 - Speak to Viv
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