Honorable Member
Arland Ussher Gold Pen Award
SARL ICOM Excellence Award
Paul Cornelius (ZS6PJC)
Ray Steedman (ZS6QM) Silent
2007 Clive Reeks (ZS6BT) Class A
2013 Richard Coppin (ZS6TAR) Class A
2013 Louis Schnetler (ZU6LG) Class B
For the highest marks in the RAE
2014 KARTS Support SARL 5mhz Propagation study project
Kempton Park
Amateur Radio
Technical Society
News Flash
Flea Market
KARTS Flea Market 5 August 2017

Honour Roll / Awards
Honorary Life Members 
Selwyn Losinsky (ZS6SEL)
Theo van Wijk (ZS6BDF)