We are now using WSPR ver 2.12 software

Please set your WSPR software as follows:

DIAL frequency - 5.248.500 Mhz (USB; on the radio display)
TX frequency - 5.250040 Mhz (this will vary slightly with drift and will be reported by WSPRnet)
Tx intervals are between 4 and 10 minutes. This is a random feature of the software.

Saturday afternoon saw some serious activity at the clubhouse when the Team arrived to do the necessary in getting the beacon up and running!

Ian ZS6TUB completed the interface and with the two test setups the final testing started.
Paul ZS6EHG ran the one test setup from his field station setup on the one end of the table while Stewart ZS6SGM & Jeremy configured the software.

The interface gave Ian ZS6TUB and Vivian ZS6VD quite a challenge and the whole story of isolation transformers was questioned.
Stephen ZS6SKY did some adjustments to ensure that the TK70 transmitted only 20 watts.
Once the isolation transformers were removed things when smooth and the entire setup was moved to the storeroom next to the repeater for commissioning.
Nico ZS6QL cleaned out the solder from a PL259 connector and in the process dropped the access solder onto Stephens’s foot!!!!!!......
My humble apologies Stephen, please wear safety footwear next time….
With all systems go and with PSK31 the preferred mode; at exactly 16H50 the beacon went live on air transmitting the message below……..
Please listen out for the ZS6KTS beacon signal on 5.250 MHz transmitting the following at 5min intervals:
ZS6KTS ZS6KTS Beacon QTH KG43cw If you hear this beacon please send a signal report to beacon@zs6kts.co.za
The beacon project is proof that we do have the technical expertise in the club, it is a matter of teaming the guys up and the end result is great!
A special thanks to the Team!
Without your dedicated support and active participation this milestone would not have been achieved!
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